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About me

I'm Elisabeth Griffiths, Aulaga artist

I am a jeweler by training and have a great passion for the care of the environment and sustainability of beautiful and wild Fuerteventura.

Elisabeth Mateu, Aulaga artist

I am andorrana by birth and after 7 years in Fuerteventura, “Majorera” by adoption.

I arrived here intending to change my life around and I certainly did! I started working as a hotel receptionist as well as having a stall at the local Commercial center El Campanario in Corralejo and the Traditional Market in La Oliva with silver jewelry as I am a trained jeweler. I also began using cement to make flower pots and other articles.

Then in 2020 because of the “Lockdown” I was confined to the house. It was then I started experimenting with the Aulaga. Thanks to my partner who one day said “why don’t you try with the Aulaga? My only experience with it was that it is very prickly if you brush against it!!


And there it all started…

I use it for a wide range of things, gel candles (amazing when lit) I also use it now with epoxy resin. For me, the most important thing is to give it the importance it has, as it’s sometimes thought of, as a weed.

The environment and sustainability of beautiful and wild Fuerteventura is very important to me. For this reason, I only pick the Aulaga from friend’s gardens or if the plant has already been pulled up.