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The Aulaga

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“...la aulaga dice ante el cielo y a ras de la tierra, ceñidas de mar, la sed de vida, la sed de inmortalidad de las entrañas volcánicas de la Tierra.”

by Miguel de Unamuno


La Aulaga or as they call it in the Canary Islands “La Ahulaga” is one of the most emblematic plants in Fuerteventura.


Miguel de Unamuno, one of the most important Spanish writers of 98 Generation, was exiled to Fuerteventura 20th February 1924 for ideological differences with the regime of General Primo de Rivera, who illegally took over the Government. The famous writer stayed on the island for only 4 months.

Although his stay was short, he always remembered this “fortunate island” that was why he wrote many sonnets, as much to the island as to the precious Aulaga.


This unknown and for some, unappreciated plant, hides various health properties and was widely used by the island’s inhabitants.

Some of its properties:

  • The flowers are used in infusions for children with jaundice.
  • The latex in the stalk is used for skin infections.
  • The green stalks are used in infusions for toothache.

Other uses:

  • As fuel in lime ovens and fires.
  • Also, to feed stock.
  • Para darle sabor y olor al pan.


Apart from all this, “Artesanías Griffiths” makes art with it… Candles, decorative items, games and much more!